What is eduAUTISM?

Hi. I’m A.D. Daisley, and I created eduAUTISM with you in mind! eduAUTISM is an online resource designed to walk with parents on their journey to meet the needs of their loved ones with special needs.

Who is A.D. Daisley and does he know what he’s talking about?

For over 14 years I’ve worked as a behavior therapist. And, like many of you parents, I also have two lovely children I wouldn’t trade for the world!

Over the years, I’ve had countless opportunities to provide therapy to children, all in the places you’re quite familiar with. At schools, I’ve trained teachers on how to reduce problem behaviors in the classroom. And its amazing the success I’ve seen students have when teachers know how to address those behaviors!

In homes, I’ve trained parents to recognize what motivates their child’s behavior. I can’t begin to explain how much of a game changer it is for parents to have that understanding! And last but not least…remember that community outing you’ve been avoiding, fearing the unexpected? You’re not alone! I’ve had quite a few of those challenges and have gained tons of insight that I’m ready to share.


How eduAUTISM Began

If you are anything like many of the parents I have talked to, you’re exhausted. I would be too. You’ve been on a waiting list FOREVER, or you’ve had trouble finding a good reliable therapist. Either way, you’ve had enough of the search and the waiting game. Simply put, you’re frustrated because you can’t get the help you need to reach your loved one.

My goal in starting eduAUTISM was simple. I wanted to come beside parents by providing them with educational resources to help them love beyond their capacity. My close relationship with many parents led me to recognize several recurring challenges. If I can be honest, I struggled with what I saw.

To me it seemed that far too often, parents in need often had insufficient access to resources. And if human dignity and value were so basic, why were so many families without access to those resources? So I set out to bridge the gap. Though eduAUTISM, I can connect parents to the resources they desperately need.

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Why eduAUTISM and what can I expect?

With eduAUTISM, you get access to tips, how to’s and parenting information for you and your loved ones. This resource is the result of over 14 years of therapy to parents and children with special needs.

I offer this resource because it’s what I have found to be most helpful to parents in need. So you can expect it to be relevant and reliable. Why? Because parents like you contributed to the content.

And therapist parents like me have seen and experienced what works. And the good news is, you can too! So let the journey begin. I’m honored to come alongside you! Here’s a FREE CHECKLIST for joining.

Download FREE Autism Spectrum Disorder Checklist

Learn how to successfully navigate ASD with the checklist used by millions of parents yearly.